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Learn more about the shower wall panels that look like tile. From subway tile panel boards to herringbone patterns, Six3Tile is about to become your favorite way to get tile projects done.

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Here is our collection of product and installation videos. We are constantly producing new content on a variety of topics, so check back here often.  Scroll down to view promotional and overview videos, as well as installation demonstrations.

Promotional & Overview Videos

Six3Tile Product Overview Six3Tile is an innovative, patented tile product that is a single, integrated system providing the classic look and feel of traditional ceramic tile without the need for costly specialized skills or tools.
Six3Tile Backsplash Pro Kit Six3Tile’s subway tile paneling kits are ideal for transforming kitchen backsplashes for both apartment renovations and new construction. Even occupied units can be upgraded in about an hour.
Six3Tile Shower & Tub Surround Pro Kits Our patented water-tight seam sealing processes make tub and shower replacement projects a breeze. Our tile surround kits include lightweight, flexible yet durable large format tile panels that install with a speed that is unmatched, resulting in a cost-efficient, professional look in about an hour.
Six3Tile Installed at Middle James Brewing Co. - The Power House Six3Tile's Backsplash Pro Kit was installed at the Middle James Brewing Company in the ground floor of The Power House - a multifamily renovation mixed used project. Our subway tile wall panels were a perfect solution for this renovation.
Six3Tile vs. Ceramic Tile: The Ease of Installation Training Master Tiler, Bobby Mears of Paragon Services, discusses the differences between Six3Tile and Ceramic tile. Bobby's a construction veteran and trained ceramic Master Tiler's in the past. Recently he learned the advantages of Six3Tile and had the privilege of training 3 crews on a recent project. We hope you enjoy his findings!
Six3Tile Installation Tips from a Master Tiler Bobby Mears, Project Manager with Paragon Services, discusses the installation advantages of Six3Tile Pro Kits on multifamily apartments. Any installer can install Six3Tile, master tiler's are not required, creating huge benefit on multifamily jobsites. Bobby dives into how to handle repairs and training crews.
Ease of a Six3Tile Shower Surround Pro Kit installation Learn the advantages of Six3Tile Shower Surround Pro Kits. This video reviews Six3Tile's watertight seal, speed and ease of installation. This Master Tiler will compare Six3Tile installations to Ceramic tile installations and point out the major advantages for apartment renovations and production crews.



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