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Top 4 Expert Tips for Outstanding Six3Tile Installations

Six3Tile is the answer to a plethora of problems tile installers and building managers have with large-scale renovations. They’re easy to install, long-lasting, high-quality, and look exactly like ceramic tile. But if you want to get the most out of your Six3Tile Pro Kit(s), read this article to the end. In it, we’ll share four tips and tricks every Six3Tile user should have in their back pocket.

1.   Mind the Stove  

When it comes to installing tile panels like Six3Tile, it’s essential to pay close attention to heat sources in the kitchen. Code requires that all approved backsplash materials are at least 6 inches from a heat source. All residential-grade stoves meet this requirement between the back burners and the wall. Six3Tile meets these requirements, which you can find in our durability report from Home Innovation Research Labs.

You should not install Six3Tile panels on walls adjacent to a stove. Consider a scenario where the stove is in a corner of a kitchen unit. Design teams and installation professionals should not run the tile along the side of the stove.

kitchen with gray tile wall panel backsplash

2.   Adjust the Tile Panels’ Placement as Needed

Whenever there’s a window or a stove hood in a kitchen you’ll be updating, feel free to place the tiles up higher on the wall. The tiles can frame the window or reach upwards toward the stove hood.

In some cases, installers might run the tile wall panels all the way up to the ceiling, while in other cases, it makes sense to place the panels about 5 feet up from the ceiling. Feel free to do what makes the most sense based on the intricacies and nuances of the space.

kitchen with white subway tile panel backsplash

Kitchen with white subway tile panel backsplash

3.   Go for Complementary Grout

As you might expect, the grout color you choose for your Six3Tile installation makes a huge difference in the final result. For a long time, designers went for contrast – dark grout with light tile or light grout with dark tile.

But times have changed - the latest trends in home design are pushing more toward neutrals. And that means going with more subtle grout lines. You don’t need to shop around for a grout color that’s identical to the tile wall panels, but it’s worthwhile to consider going with something similar to them for subtle contrast.

closeup of gray subway tile wall panels


4.   Explore New Tile Styles

When it comes to tile wall design, sometimes you need to step outside of the box. One great way to do that is to explore different tile patterns, including:

  • Picket Tile. This tile style is a play on the hex design we know and love. Each tile has 6 sides with an elongated middle, creating a picket fence shape. You’ll find it in both vertical and horizontal configurations. We offer picket tile on special order – ours is 4x12.
  • Herringbone Tile. Another stylish tile pick is herringbone. Featuring geometric shapes and an intricate overall design, it goes right along with the home design trends of today. It’s perfect for affluent spaces that require a luxurious overall design. We offer herringbone tile on standard orders.

upscale kitchen with horizontal picket fence tile panels

closeup of herringbone tile wall panels

So, there you have it – 4 tips and tricks to make your Six3Tile install the best it could possibly be. We urge you to keep this information in mind (in addition to following the installation instructions to a T). You’ll ensure a proper, compliant installation and a final result that wows your clients or tenants. Happy tiling!