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Ground-breaking Six3Tile Subway Tile Panels: A Tile Installer's Perspective

For decades, tile installers all over the U.S. have followed a standardized ceramic tiling process. It's time-consuming and requires specialized skills to execute properly. Thanks to innovation in the construction and renovation space, installers now have an alternative – Six3Tile Pro Kits are PVC-based, large-format, subway tile panels. They allow installers to quickly put up kitchen backsplashes and shower surrounds that look exactly like tile. In this case study, we'll look at a tile installer who gave Six3Tile a try and share his perspective.

The Subject: David Tinsch, Owner of David Tinsch Production Group

David Tinsch is the Owner of David Tinsch Production Group, based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was working on a tub surround and kitchen backsplash job and needed a solution that would alleviate the many problems associated with standard ceramic tile. Some of these issues include their fragility, the tedious cutting process, the inevitable mess, the set time, and more.

Here are a few more things that Tinsch needed in a tiling solution:

  • A quick installation time, as the owners were still living in the home where the installation was to take place.
  • Traditional yet modern design that would mesh well with the homeowner's current décor.
  • Tiling that could be installed over the bathroom's old tile. Removing the old tile wasn't an option.
  • Ability to easily cut tile to fit around oddly shaped fixtures in the kitchen and a non-standard bath area.
  • Water-tight seal for the tub surround area.  

The Benefits of Six3Tile Pro Kits for Tile Installers


Though it may look like it, Six3Tile isn't your average tile. It's a system of tile panels designed to give the look of ceramic tile with very little work on the part of the installer. For one, the tiles come in sheets instead of individual tiles for fast installation. They're also flexible (in comparison to ceramic tile) to minimize the chance of cracking over time. Six3Tile is a sturdy construction material, made of 1/4" thick, durable PVC.

And to ensure that mold won't be a problem, Six3Tile Shower & Tub Surround Pro kits have a unique tongue and groove design that creates a water-tight seal between the panels. To top things off, these panels are more cost-effective than ceramic tile, considering the time it takes to install a ceramic backsplash or shower surround.

What David Tinsch Thought About Six3Tile Subway Tile Panels

David Tinsch, who has extensive experience using traditional ceramic tile, was apprehensive at first. But when he got to work putting the Six3Tile panels up, he knew he'd found something special. According to Tinsch, he's used traditional tile for a wide variety of projects but had never used something like Six3Tile. He found that the tile panels  were "so easy to measure – so easy to cut and so easy to glue to the wall." And he didn't have to take down the old tile to do it – Six3Tile panels can be put up over drywall, existing tile, or any other flat, clean surface.

Tinsch puts it very plainly "Measure, cut with a utility knife, or a rotary tool or oscillating saw. You score it, you snap it, you glue the back of it, then you press it to the wall and move on to the next sheet." And once the sheets are up, you can get straight into the grouting process. It doesn't get easier than that.

The installation was incredibly fast – Tinsch was able to put up 44 tiles in a sheet in just minutes. This would have taken hours with traditional ceramic tiling. What's more is that you don't have to be a seasoned tiling professional to use Six3Tile; any tile installer can handle it. The installation process is just that easy.

 Six3Tile Checked All the Boxes

Tile installers love Six3Tile Pro Kits because they check all the boxes. Here are a few of the most important features for installers working on high-volume renovation projects:

  • Water-tight weld for areas where steam and water are present.
  • Fast installation, which allows for more installs and more revenue.
  • Strong, flexible sheets that are easy to work with.
  • Results that mimic ceramic tile, even to a trained eye.
  • A modern aesthetic that meshes well with typical home décor.

If you're a tile installer looking for an alternative to ceramic tile to save you money and streamline your tiling process, you can't afford to pass on Six3Tile. If you want to learn more about Six3Tile and how it can improve your tiling process, visit our website and contact us if you have any questions. After you get your hands on your Pro Kit, you'll wish you'd found us sooner!

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