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Six3Tile-Approved Adhesives & Substrates for Tile Panels for Walls

The installation process for Six3Tile doesn't require specialized tiling knowledge, but it's imperative to use the right adhesive for the substrate you're working with. Over the years, we have tested many substrate/adhesive combinations and have determined which ones work best with Six3Tile. And we’ll share them with you in this article. 

Adhesives for Six3Tile Wall Panels 

When it comes to Six3Tile panel adhesives, you’ve got two general options: construction adhesives and Type-1 mastics. You’ll use these on the back of each tile panel to mount it to the wall.

To break things down a little further, we’ve found that the below products work well with Six3Tile– Loctite Power Grab Heavy Duty, Manus-Bond 75-AM Industrial, Mapei White Adhesive, and TEC. We’ve also included the substrates that have been tested. You can use them all with Six3Tile’s Backsplash Pro Kits and Shower & Tub Surround Pro Kits.


Note: Six3Tile is not designed to be used in load-bearing applications, like countertops or floors. It is not approved for these uses. 

More Information About Adhesives and Substrates for Six3Tile

In addition to choosing your adhesive, you’ll need to use it correctly for a secure hold. So, read the usage instructions on the product’s packaging. The instructions should indicate how much adhesive to use, the best way to apply the adhesive, how long it takes to set, and more. And don’t forget to store the adhesive as the manufacturer recommends; doing so will ensure predictable adhesion.

What’s more is that your substrate should be solid and clean. If you’re installing Six3Tile on top of ceramic tile that’s dirty or moldy, you’ll need to clean it thoroughly first. The adhesive won’t stick well if it’s applied to a grimy surface. The installation area doesn’t have to be finish quality by any means, but needs to be as clean and solid as possible Six3Tile is very forgiving and will easily cover small holes and imperfections in the wall. 

No Setting Time for Six3Tile Before Grouting

After applying adhesive to the back of the Six3Tile panels and mounting them, you don’t have to wait for the adhesive to set. You can go straight to the grouting process and finish up the job. This is one of the main time-saving benefits of Six3Tile.

So, there you have it – an explanation of which combination of adhesives and substrates you can use for Six3Tile. We hope that you found all the information you were looking for. If you’d like to learn more about Six3Tile, visit our website. There, you’ll find customer resources, frequently asked questions, and more. You can also contact us directly. Happy tiling!